Reflex Mallet
Smack, smack, smack

Imagine if, on your next checkup, the doctor smacks your knee with that little rubber mallet to make it jerk, but then doesn’t stop. Instead they just keep merrily whacking away. After the second or third time it would get annoying, and eventually it would start to hurt.

At some point you would certainly ask them to stop, then get off the table and maybe punch them and take away the mallet. In the case of many beaver conflicts, the situation is slightly different.

In this case there’s no doctor. The humans are sitting there, asses hanging out of a paper nightgown, hitting themselves on the knee and complaining bitterly about the unfairness of it all. The beavers are merely the mallet.

Luckily, this  downward spiral can be broken by utilizing a few of the techniques posted here.

Downward Spiral

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