Dive into the world of beaver management and watershed restoration—you may emerge transformed. The following are people and organizations I highly recommend.

I’ll start locally, with OAEC’s WATER Institute—an organization that opened my eyes to the importance of watershed health. They’re doing great work all over the world, and are genuinely wonderful people. Specifically, check out the Beaver Campaign!

Mike Callahan of Beaver Solutions has been an incredible help, and is just the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. If you’re ready to do your own install, check out his great video—it’s a fantastic DIY beaver management guide. Here’s a side note for road/highway folks. Mike reports that during Hurricane Sandy all the roads and culverts that had a culvert fence or pond leveler in place survived the record flooding.

Heidi Perryman at Worth a Dam is a tireless, outspoken beaver advocate who’s even got a Beaver Festival going in Martinez. The Martinez beavers are a bunch of rock stars. They’re cute, charismatic critters who cross the species barrier and engage the hearts and minds of all who see them.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 5.55.19 AMThe Sierra Wildlife Coalition is working to resolve a long-standing human/beaver conflict on Taylor Creek in Lake Tahoe. After many years of effort, and a complex multi-stakeholder process, pond levelers have been added to the Taylor Creek site. They’ve also got beavers added to the interpretive trail signage. This is great news for everybody, especially the beavers. Congratulations, Ted and Sherri, on your big win!

Beaver against water shortages across California is a facebook page worth visiting—they’re working to make beaver relocation legal. If we can pull that off, the whole game changes.

And the Beaver Management Forum is your clearinghouse for all things related to resolving beaver/human conflicts.


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