Beaver Paint Trials

This June I took a multi-week roadtrip to the Methow Valley to work with the Methow Beaver Project at their facility in Winthrop, WA. I arrived with a big box […]

Caltrans Pilot Completed

Well, after 11 months, 9 visits and two reports, we’re done! The device is working perfectly, my maintenance visit took 10 minutes car to car, and resulted in a handful […]

Thanks to Caltrans and the Tri-County Fish Team for a great pair of presentations. I really enjoyed the questions, insight and reflections everyone offered, and appreciate the time everyone took […]


Imagine if, on your next checkup, the doctor smacks your knee with that little rubber mallet to make it jerk, but then doesn’t stop. Instead they just keep merrily whacking […]

CalTrans Pilot

The CalTrans pilot is in and has been working flawlessly since June. For the moment, we’re not releasing the location, just in case folks might harass the beaver—the pond is […]

Beaverpalooza & Propaganda

Well, it’s been a banner week here at team beaver. With Kate Lundquist and Brock Dolman of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s WATER Institute, I’ve been traveling to some incredible […]